New Release Review: Sirens EP by Florrie

I’ve been listening to Florrie since about 2010-11 when she first released her music to the wider world, and I’ve always had a lot of respect for her as an artist. Her first ventures were flops, and she ended up releasing her poppy tracks for free on her website. I only recently rediscovered Call of the Wild in the depths of my ipod a few weeks ago, and forgot how much I liked her. She’s one of those artists who always kind of lingers in the upper lower class of my charts, well-liked, but never quite a favourite. Her tracks were punchy, with solid hooks and playfully clever lyrics and have gotten stuck in my head on more than one occasion, so when I found out about her new EP, Sirens, released last week, I was expecting more of the same and rather looking forward to it.

Sirens consists of five tracks- three originals, and two remixes. Overall, it’s a very different feel from her past three EPs. She’s gone from mainstream to underground, from fresh and crisp to messy and funky. Sound appealing? Maybe not as much as you’d think.

Seashells – 3.5/5 || This is definitely my favourite out of all the tracks on this EP, and it’s definitely the one that sounds the most like the Florrie I remember. Its strong Bollywood flavour took me by surprise (does anyone remember Hilary Duff’s Stranger?), but it doesn’t overpower the song, and the melodies and vocals are appealing. My first impressions were that I liked it, but that it wasn’t anything special. It doesn’t make me want to move, or sing along, or pay attention. The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me; I feel as if there’s a core of really good ideas at the centre of this song, but the execution just doesn’t realize its full potential. Upon listening to the rest of the album, it also strikes me that it’s a strange track to select to set the tone, since it’s so different from the rest of the EP.

Free Falling and Wanna Control Myself – 2/5 || These songs are where the “funky” comes into the album. While that might sound attractive, and might suit other’s tastes in music, this particular brand of funk was not mine. Both of these were utterly forgettable, with unhooky hooks. They reminded me a lot of Katy B’s work, in the way that the vocal melody line contrasted the beat and synths, only Florrie didn’t pull off that trick nearly as successfully as Katy.

Little White Lies (Shadow Club Remix) – 1/5 || In my notes of my first impressions that I took while listening, I have the word ICK written just like that under this song. After about 30 seconds, the sharp hammering of the piano began to grate on me and by the two minute mark, I was just praying for it to end. It was harsh- basically an instrumental, with a bland and annoying chord progression and hits on the drums that would give you a headache after long enough. Awful. At about 2:45, there was a vocal bridge that held promise though. I think if that’s any indication, Little White Lies itself has the potential to be a decent song. Shadow Club just decided to unforgivably mangle it.

Seashells (Preditah Remix) – 3/5 || I didn’t fall in love with this, but it is charming. It fits in more thematically with the rest of the EP than the original song does, but at the same time, is still likeable. It’s light, and tinkly, and reminds me of Home by Foxes and Lights by Ellie Goulding.

Final Rating: 2. Overall, I really wanted to like this EP, and I really really wanted a reason to love Florrie. Still do. This EP just ended up like a boring date with a gorgeous guy- you want it to go well, and he’s not all bad. He pays the cheque, laughs at your jokes, compliments you. At the end of the day though, there was no chemistry, no scintillating conversation to be had, and as you sit in your pyjamas on your couch watching reality tv afterwards, you have to admit that he’s not for you. This EP wasn’t for me. On the bright side though, there are hints here that there might be good things to come when the full length album hits (probably later this summer, if I had to guess). Still, that album won’t be my favourite and my expectations are officially lowered.

Have a listen to the Seashells remix here, and tell me what you think!



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