June Quest List

june quest list


Yes, I know, it’s already a week into June, a little late to start another quest list. Shame on me. I would say that I’ve been busy, but that’d be lying. I’ve been stressed, and have thus reverted into a hibernation state, watching detective shows on Netflix, devouring my chocolate stash and generally feeling sorry for myself. My parade has officially been rained on, but I’m determined to get back into the swing of things and not let a few things ruin what should by all rights be an awesome summer.

So, without further excuses, let’s take a look back on the May Quest List:

1. Sit outside in the sunshine. 

2. Go out for ice cream. 

3. Read 3 books. 

4. Get 5 songs done, including covers and ones I’m working on currently.

5. Make homemade ravioli.

Success rate: 60%. Not great, but still a pass! My music has been at a stand-still for the past few months, but while I did not make ravioli, I did make quite a few other good things! So, despite not accomplishing everything, I still feel happy about my progress.

June List:

1. Read 4 books. I read about 6 books last month, which is great for me, so upping my reading goal a little doesn’t seem unreasonable. Plus, I have to start catching up again on my Game of Thrones reading now that the season is almost ended. I feel like those doorstops should count as two books, but the writing is rarely boring, so I won’t complain.

2. Get 3 songs done. In light of my complete and utter failure from last month, 3 songs seems more attainable. That’s only one song a week, right? Plus, I’m going to start recruiting some more help from my musically inclined friends to see if they can help me start creating things I like again. I am determined to break out of this creative funk!

3. Blog more regularly. GR is new, so I haven’t completely gotten into the swing of things yet. I want to change that for June and give you guys more regular updates.

4. Surprise my significant other with a romantic night. We haven’t seen a whole lot of each other lately, with us having become a long distance thing over the past couple of months. I want to go all out and sweep him off his feet, since he does that to me so regularly.

5. Develop a gym routine again. I have to admit it, I’ve fallen off the wagon. It’s hard to fit the gym in with how my schedule keeps changing and how I’m going to be bouncing back and forth between 3 cities a lot this month, but as the lake warms up here, bikini season approacheth and I’ll feel a lot better about it if I kick my routine back into gear.

So that’s my list for this month. What are you questing for?


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