Fresh Pick Friday

I’m going to be honest, this week has been a little rough. I feel like I’ve been running in circles and not accomplishing nearly enough. I want to spend a few days under the covers in a little cabin in the woods in front of a fireplace with a stack of books and a few good albums on repeat. I want to make new friends and go out to a bar with live music, and forget the rest of my life.

But, I can’t, ’cause life goes on with or without me. I’m settling instead for finding some new tunes to share with you. There’s something really exciting about hearing a new favorite song for the first time, something that makes the bad days seem a little less bad. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these as much as I did.

Y’Akoto – Don’t Call (acoustic)

When I first heard her music, I almost turned it off. The intro didn’t sound like anything I hadn’t heard before, and this style has never been my favorite. But then, I heard her voice. It reminded me of jazz singers from the 20’s in a really, really good way. This song is kind of groovy in an old-school Amy Winehouse, Duffy sort of way. You’ll have to crank up the volume to get the full effect here- but you won’t regret it. Her new album, Moody Blues, was released September 6th.

ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

This is a great electronic mix to jam along to. The bass is perfect, it’s very smooth and groovy but without being too boring or outdated. There’s something about it that just feels like scratching a hard-to-reach itch. Their newest album came out September 9th.

Philipp Poisel – Ich Will Nur

Skip over this one entirely if you don’t like music without English lyrics, because this one is entirely in German. If you skip, you’ll be missing out though. This one is for sad, lonely nights. His voice is incredibly soothing and melancholy, and the piano is a perfect compliment.


Got suggestions for next week’s picks? Leave them in the comments!


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