Friday Fresh Picks: Back to the Start by The Plasticines Review

back to the start cover

I remember hearing them for the first time on my radio years ago. I don’t remember what the first song was (I’m a Bitch, maybe?), but they did make an impression. The French girl-band, whose sound reminds me of a less pop-infused The Veronicas, has been around for awhile, and their latest album Back to the Start was just released last week. To be honest, I had no idea that they were still around, but I’m in need of a new rock anthem to keep me going in the morning, so I thought I’d see if I still liked them as much as I used to.

Back to the Start consists of 13 upbeat tracks, two in French and the rest in English. Overall, the musicality isn’t going to blow your mind. The vocals aren’t great, and they show some songwriting technique but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before.  There are some misses, but there are a few solid hits too.

The opening track, Comment Faire, was nothing special. I’m listening to the album as we speak and I’ve already forgotten it by the third track. Ooh La La is a far superiour, catchy tune, and happens to be their first single off the album. It’s kind of a girly anthem, with a fun hook that really plays to the band’s strength and their image. Picture this playing in the background behind that bit of a chick flick where the main character picks herself up off the floor, puts her lipstick on, and prepares to kick ass.

My other favorites on this album are Come Closer, Dancing with the Shadows, and Tonight in London. Come Closer is a nice midtempo track about seduction that had my toe tapping through most of it. Dancing With the Shadows is something you can dance to, and the lyrics aren’t too bad either.

Tonight in London is the other track on the album with French lyrics, but it’s definitely the one I most wanted to sing along with. It’s sultry and sexy and just a little bit melancholic. It makes me think of red wine and femme fatales, and it was the diamond in the rough for me out of Back to the Start. If you listen to nothing else today, at least give this one a shot.

The biggest miss on this album for me had to be Upside Down. Musically, the intro had me interested. I was ready to really like it, but then the vocals hit. There was something distinctly nasal about it, and I just can’t get past it. It could have been my favorite, and if someone does a nice cover of it on youtube, I’d quickly download that version and replace it in my ipod library. It had so much potential, and that’s mostly why it was so disappointing.

Rating: 3/5  There were some hits, but a lot of misses, and while it’s certainly worth a listen, I’ll probably have forgotten about it in a couple weeks, aside from a couple songs.

What did you think?


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