Coldest Heart Cover

I don’t record a lot of covers. I love making them- I love figuring it all out, singing along, making someone else’s song my own in some small or big way. It’s a part of my ongoing learning process, and playing some old favorites on the piano and singing along is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Still, I don’t record a lot of them.

Coldest Heart was something I had to do, though.  I’ve been listening to the Classic Crime since my angsty middle school years, and they’re still one of my favorites. They’re one of my lyrical idols, there’s just something so easy to understand and poetic about the way they write. They’re a constant on my bad day playlists, and Coldest Heart is one of those rare songs that I can still listen to on repeat even after so many years. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it justice, but I started the accompaniment on a whim one night, and the project just weighed on me until I managed to finish it, like a story that wouldn’t get out of my head until I wrote it down.

If you haven’t listened to the original, you should- whether or not you throw an ear at my version or not. Mine is acoustic, much softer- just my voice and the piano, nothing else. I couldn’t make myself happy with the vocals for months. There are few things more frustrating than finding something challenging that you usually do effortlessly, but it was worth it in the end. I hope you guys enjoy it too.


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