Home Studio Tour

home studio tour

I’ve decided to embark on a big new project, and it’s scary.

Usually, when a new project starts, I get wrapped up in the excitement of all the newness. It’s easy to get inspired and motivated when you’re just starting out. I tend to not remember just how real the struggles can be when I’m brainstorming and planning and everything starts off just the way I’d hoped. After the honeymoon though, there’s the next stage, called “the swampy middle”- or, more aptly, the why-do-I-bother-everything-sucks-and-I’m-out-of-ideas phase.  It’s not a cute phase.

I’ve done this enough that I can see it coming, looming ahead of me once I get the first few songs out of the way. I’ve decided to stop playing around with my demo or just trying to expand my set list. I’ve got enough of a baseline that I can show people my versatility and my own style. Now, I want to craft an album. A small one, but still an album. I know what I want to say, I know what I want it to sound like. I want to spend time on bettering the things about my music that I just can’t do the way I’d like. I want to spend time building a support system so I have someone to lean on when the swampy middle hits. I want to do this right, and it’s both daunting and exciting at once. What if it sucks? What if I can’t get it just right? What if I will never learn how to mix properly? What if I can’t get the right sound? What if nobody hears it? What if everyone hears it?


In the midst of all of this chaos, I’ve made a new creative space. I just settled into my newish place, and set up my studio this weekend. It’s nothing glamorous, but it’s home! This is where the magic will (hopefully) happen. My set-up is fairly simple, but it has worked for me. It’s not entirely complete- and it’s not top-of-the-line, brand-new stuff. Most of this I got when I was a teenager, so it’s well loved, but it’s really held up well over the years. I wouldn’t blame any of the shortfalls in my sound on my equipment. I would be heartbroken if anything happened to it!


I so much prefer writing lyrics on paper. I feel like I get a better end result, for some reason. It’s easier to brainstorm and make little notes everywhere.

This is my newly dubbed “couch of inspiration”. Fingers crossed that it’ll live up to its name.

studio3   studio6

My keyboard is what I do all of my writing on. I have other instruments, but I prefer my piano and the voices it provides. I would love to get a smaller usb plugin to compose on. It would be so much more convenient! But, this serves me well, and I’ve gotten attached over the years.


So that’s my little studio. Tell me about yours (or the one you wish you had) in the comments!


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