Guy Fawkes Day Inspired Playlist

guy fawkes day playlist

I know that I’m not in the right country to celebrate Guy Fawkes, but I just can’t help myself. Technically, Canada is still ruled by England, so that means we get to appropriate all their holidays, right? Right! I just love the idea of having an entire holiday dedicated to burning little straw-doll traitors and watching fireworks. If you haven’t heard of this awesome British tradition, you are seriously missing out. It’s a celebration of history and averted tragedy and democratic pride, and as imperfect as the British Parliament is, it’s nice to dedicate an entire day to noticing the fact that it’s still standing.

So, in honour of this very special day, I give to you a flame, fire and gunpowder inspired mini-playlist featuring Clare Maguire, Tove Lo and a smidgen of Lincoln Park (why not?). Click to listen. Hope you guys enjoy it!